Cultural Intelligence awareness training

This training program is designed to raise awareness and offer participants a shared framework and vocabulary for understanding and working effectively with a diversity of cultural values.

Our CQ training combines academic research and organisational best practice to equip participants to understand their own cultural values and how they play out in the workplace. This interactive session, supported by workbooks and reference material equips participants to embed their learning and manage intercultural interactions with others more effectively.

What is CQ?

The world is becoming more diverse. In the workplace, this means that employees are being required to interact effectively with a range of stakeholders very different from themselves. An array of organisational behavioural research over the last decade has recognized that one of the key success factors for workers faced with diversity is Cultural Intelligence (CQ). This is defined as:

" individual’s capability to identify and effectively adapt to and manage culturally diverse contexts and situations."

Research conducted by the Cultural Intelligence Centre (USA) in conjunction with a number of universities, polling 40,000 individuals across every major region in the world, reveals that there are four capabilities consistently found amongst the culturally intelligent. By developing these capabilities, the evidence shows anyone can improve the way they lead and relate across numerous national, ethnic and organisational cultures.

These four capabilities are:

CQ Drive | motivation and confidence to interact cross-culturally

CQ Knowledge | knowledge about your own and others’ cultural values and customs

CQ Strategy | ability to adjust thinking and plan for cross cultural interactions

CQ Action | the ability to communicate appropriately when interacting across different culture

Course Details

This face to face training is half day and limited to 16 participants per session to ensure maximum engagement and interaction.

During the session, participants will be introduced to the 4 quadrants of Cultural Intelligence and given the opportunity to explore their understanding of each one individually and how they work together to support success in engaging with diversity.

Expected outcomes

  • A deeper awareness of the influence of culture on behaviour (own and others)
  • More confidence in working with those who are different
  • A wider range of tools for managing intercultural interactions
  • Self-management strategies for managing own triggers and reactions
  • An enhanced ability to build trust across cultures

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Included in the course

  • Individual CQ assessments (to be completed before the training)
  • Tailored workbooks
  • Evidence based content
  • Facilitated exercises
  • Case studies
  • Interactive discussions


Face to face training

CQ Assessments | $40 per person*

CQ awareness training | $4000 per session* (includes digital workbooks)

These sessions can be delivered in a series of webinars

*These prices are estimates only. Once an in-depth scoping meeting has been held, a SOW with final costings will be developed for sign off. Travel outside of Auckland is additional and signed off by the client prior to the training.

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