Are you suffering from Cultural Fatigue?

In our last blog- When Difference Becomes Exhausting – Cultural Fatigue and its impact in today’s workplace, we wrote about the experience of Cultural Fatigue. This is the experience where our initial enthusiasm for engaging with cultural differences wears off and is replaced by a more negative attitude.

This is different to having personality clashes with particular individuals. When we are culturally fatigued we tend to overreact to the range of adjustments we need to make while engaging with a new group. Cultural fatigue relates to our attitude towards different groups whether from a different country, different organisation, different gender or generation, or any other dimension you could name, including socio-economic or educational background.

So, how would you know if you were suffering from cultural fatigue? Take our quiz below to find out.

Are you Culturally Fatigued?

Rate yourself against the below statements. We have given the answers a value from 1-5.

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