Unconscious Bias Awareness

Tailor-designed to equip your people to move beyond their subjective biases in decision making, and free up their thinking to fully leverage their creativity, innovation and problem-solving potential.

This course combines academic research, with best in class e-learning, live group facilitation to create a transformational learning experience for your people.

Combines academic research with smart organisational practices

Through our many years of global D&I consulting experience, we combine academic research, neuroscience and organisational case studies, to bring a unique, practical and transformational learning experience to your people.

Our content is designed by Psychologists and D&I practitioners. Based on neuroscience, it reflects scenarios encountered by your people, every day in the workplace and follows Socratic learning principles. This means that participants are asked and answer questions, designed to test their insights, stimulate critical thinking and draw out ideas and underlying presuppositions.

Tailored content

As experienced D&I practitioners, we make the link between your overall D&I objectives, your organisational culture and employee behaviours. Therefore, the exercises, group discussions and workbook content is tailor designed to reflect scenarios that participants are likely to encounter in their day to day roles.

Blended learning

We combine e-learning, with facilitated discussions & exercises to create a unique learning experience.

This includes:

  • Pre and post learning assessments
  • Bespoke e-learning modules
  • Live facilitated group discussions & exercises
  • Tailored workbooks (editable PDFs) with content, take-home activities and reflections

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Participant feedback

Here's what some of our training participants have to say:

“Excellent course.  Challenges thinking – helps to really confront how I think and be self-aware, and gives me steps to address this.”

“Quite amazing to understand that many aspects of bias are still alive and well in organisations, and helps me to understand when ‘slow thinking’ decisions need to be made in my role.”

“What I will do differently is get to know people better, before I make judgements, so that I can test my initial judgments for accuracy.”


Topics covered

1. Diversity & Inclusion
2. The relationship between inclusion, bias, judgements & behaviours
3. Neuroscience of Bias
4. Common biases in the workplace & their impact
5. Individual strategies for moving beyond bias
6. Organisational strategies for moving beyond bias


Our competitive pricing is based on client and hosting requirements, with a sliding scale per head. For a free, no obligation discussion, register your interest.

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“Prejudice is a burden that confuses the past, threatens the future and renders the present inaccessible.”

— Maya Angelou, Poet

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