Conversations with Amadou Diallo - CEO of DHL Middle East & Africa

We had the opportunity to sit with Amdaou Diallo - CEO of DHL Middle East & Africa, and talk about range issues and ideas around Diversity & Inclusion. This four part podcast contains incredible insights into how one of the best CEO's strategise their Diversity & Inclusions practices.

Part One: Flexible Work

Amadou discusses the implementation of Flexible Work in DHL Middle East and how they deal with the challenges around productivity and remote workers.

Part Two: Technology & Performance

In Part Two of the podcast, Amadou shares his perspective on measuring performance in an organisation and the value in face to face connection.

Part Three: Diversity & Inclusion Approach

Part Three of the Podcast touches on DHL's approach to Diversity and Inclusion and their global policy which has been rolled out across different regions and divisions around the world.

Part Four: Capability

In Part Four, Amadou talks about the capability to lift the policy's created around Diversity and Inclusion in DHL Middle East.

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