Our offering during COVID-19 | The Make Difference Count Campaign

As a small business, we, like many of you, have been hugely impacted by COVID 19.  The future is uncertain for so many of us and our hearts go out to everyone out there who are doing it tough. 

It is during these times that we need to shift our focus from what is impossible, to what is possible. So we’ve launched our ‘Make Difference Count’ campaign to do just that. We wanted to recognise individuals and organisations going the extra mile to support their employees, give back to their communities and generally just make a difference. 

One way in which we at Diversitas are contributing, is to offer free half hour online consultations to anyone who needs help with managing a remote workforce and building inclusive practices. 

We welcome anyone who wants to talk through their options or needs advice on what to do, to go to our booking page and and book in a time slot. This offer will be open for as long as New Zealand is in lockdown.

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We also want to showcase other individuals and organisations who are thinking creatively and giving back to their employees and customers. We are doing this through a series of video interviews with business leaders across New Zealand. We invite you to jump on these links and learn from others, be encouraged by what’s possible and perhaps be inspired to think about what you too can do to help.

About 'Make Difference Count'

On that note, if you come across any inspiring stories out there, about people or organisations going the extra mile, please drop us a line, so that we can contact them and get the story out to the wider New Zealand public. We are in unprecedented times, but together we are more powerful than we think. There’s an old African proverb: ‘If you want to walk faster, walk alone. If you want to walk longer, walk together.’ We are in for a long walk. This won’t be solved today or tomorrow, but if we walk together, we may just get there. Stay home and stay safe.


Ngā mihi nui,
Carol Brown – CEO Diversitas.

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