The hidden levers that help you design a culture of belonging in your workplace 

Belonging Learning Session        5 April 2024 or 18 October 2024

Belonging is such a complex and individually felt experience that it has become the ‘unicorn’ of culture. Achieving it remains elusive for many organisations, often because we rely on assumptions, survey data, or are informed by our biases, which often leads to inauthentic and even counterproductive initiatives that can create othering. 

We all want to spend our time in places and with people that make us feel valued, respected and comfortable to be ourselves – a place where we belong. As leaders, organisational designers and DE&I practitioners we strive to build a culture of belonging, because we know the positive impact it has on wellbeing, engagement, productivity and ultimately organisational success.  

It’s time to rethink belonging and how we design conditions that will truly allow it to thrive! 

In this introductory 90-minute session we will share a framework for the hidden levers of belonging that will provide the clarity you need to unlock conditions of belonging in your workplace and share a practical framework that will meet the needs of all your people.  

What this session will give you: 

  • An understanding of what is belonging and what it looks like in organisations 
  • The common pitfalls of designing for belonging that ultimately lead to othering  
  • The six design levers that help you create the conditions for belonging  
  • Practical steps on how to use the framework in your workplace  


What you will receive: 

  • An interactive session with senior practitioners 
  • Slides, tipsheets and templates for you to take away after the session 
  • A follow up complimentary meeting with Diversitas to further explore your organisation’s unique needs 

To ensure rich learning and discussion, we limit attendee numbers.  

 Confirmation and details will be sent to you upon registration. 


Dates and times: 
Friday 5th April 2024 (11am to 12.30pm via Zoom) 
— OR —
Friday 18th October 2024 (11am to 12.30pm via Zoom)

NZD $275.00 p/participant. 

Your expert facilitators:
Carol Brown (CEO of Diversitas) and Jo Mitchell (GM – Consulting).   

Price includes GST where applicable

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