How to move from equality to equity in your DEIB strategy.

Equity Learning Session        1 June 2023 or 15 August 2023

Equity, the missing E in DEIB - How to identify inequity and use co-design to create systemic improvement across your people practices.

Equity is an often-misunderstood term and a concept rarely found in organisational practice. Organisational practices are typically designed around equality – equal access to all but takes little account of the fact that our starting positions are not the same.

What we will cover:

  • How to differentiate between equity and equality and why it matters
  • The pitfalls of meritocracy and how to overcome these
  • The key components to taking an equity approach to your DEIB practices

Who should attend:

  • DEIB, P&C and HR practitioners 
  • Senior Managers/People Leaders  
  • Consultants providing DEIB support

What you will receive:

  • A workbook with all the content covered, with tips on how to improve equity across your organisation

1 June 2023 (10am to 11:30am)
— or —
15 August 2023 (10am to 11:30am)


  • 90min Learning Session
  • Workbook

$375 p/person

Price includes GST where applicable

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