How to mitigate the impact of biased decision-making in the workplace.

Unconscious Bias Awareness Master Class        22 & 24 August 2023 or 10 & 12 October 2023

Unconscious bias awareness - A topic that was considered irrelevant in the workplace 30 years ago, is now front and centre when it comes to decision-making and judgments. Organisations who ignore the role bias plays in influencing  judgments and decisions across systems and processes, do so at their own peril. 

What we will cover:

  • The difference between conscious & unconscious bias
  • How social identity is formed and its influence on creating personal biases
  • The power differentials that exist across society and our organisations
  • How equity is different from equality and both are needed
  • How bias plays out in recruitment and other people processes
  • Strategies to mitigate both personal and organisational bias

Who should attend:

  • Recruiters 
  • Hiring managers
  • DEIB, P&C and HR practitioners 
  • Senior Managers/People Leaders  
  • Consultants providing DEIB support

What you will receive:

  • A workbook with all the content covered
  • A tip sheet on how to mitigate bias
  • A post webinar 1 hour free one on one consultation with a Diversitas consultant to support you to identify and mitigate bias in your own organisation.
  • Certificate of completion
Register for Aug '23 Register for Oct '23 Registration for these sessions, is limited to a maximum of two participants per organisation. If you would like to register three or more participants, Diversitas can work with you to tailor design DE&I content for in-house delivery, which can be virtual or face to face and facilitated on-site. To find out more about how our tailor design training, please contact us.

22 August 2023 (3pm to 5pm)
24 August 2023 (3pm to 5pm)
- or -
10 October 2023 (10am to 12pm)
12 October 2023 (10am to 12pm)


  • 4hr Masterclass
  • Tip sheet
  • Workbook
  • 1hr one-on-one consultation
  • Certificate of completion

$1,250 p/person

Price includes GST where applicable

Register for Aug '23 Register for Oct '23
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