Case Study

Co-design for Equity Workshop

Client Profile

A group of eighteen cross industry HR and Diversity leaders from some of New Zealand’s leading private and public sector organisations.

The Challenge

How to design equity into people processes, policies and practices that enables all employees have a ‘fair go’ and get ahead, irrespective of their backgrounds, personal circumstances or other barriers and influences.

Our Approach

No two organisations are the same.  Therefore, in the spirit of co-design, we took a human-centred approach and designed a full-day interactive, workshop, based on what we understood the key needs to be. Participants had an opportunity to learn the difference between equity and equality and become more aware of the power imbalances that are potentially driving unequal access to career progression and advancement in their own organisation. They were given an opportunity to learn from experienced DEIB and co-design expert facilitators, as well as from their fellow participants about what approaches have worked in the past. 

What We Delivered

We started by unpacking the ‘grey areas’ surrounding equity and encouraged some courageous conversations on how to identify equity barriers in your own organisation.  Participants were equipped with key insights on how to identify inequity, how to approach co-design and who to enrol in the process, in order to build equity across all their people processes. The topics covered included the following concepts:

Besides learning new concepts, participants were also given the opportunity to practice co-design principles with fellow participants, ensuring that they left the workshop equipped with tools, guidelines and frameworks to apply in their own organisations.

What Our Client Had To Say

I came into the workshop feeling hopeful but frustrated at the slow progress we were making in our organisation. Right from the start, I found the session to be so insightful and I learnt a lot.  It was a great workshop, and I really appreciated the practical tools.  It has given me resources to take back to my own organisation, to help in facilitating conversations and I feel equipped to talk to my leaders about how we can approach this and why it matters. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone who is grappling with how to introduce equity into their own organisation.

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