Our Work

Whether you are starting out on your DEIB journey, or are well down the road with your objectives, we partner with you to ensure that you are focussed on the right things, getting the results you want and creating sustainable people practices and systems that are embedded in equity, inclusion and belonging.

Our Approach:
Your Difference Matters

Your organisation is unique. Using generic DEIB checklists and templates can create a sense of getting things done, but they’re unlikely to generate deep and lasting change.

You’re the experts in your business. We’re experts in DEIB.

We work with you to form an enduring partnership, which helps you to identify your needs and build a tailored diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging strategy in your workplace.

This begins by understanding your organisation, its challenges, opportunities and DEIB objectives. We then help you design a programme for success.

If you’re starting from scratch, this will typically begin with a DEIB review. During a review we generally analyse your existing data, collect more to fill any gaps and have conversations at various levels to reveal the felt experiences. This provides a clear, human-centred picture of your current state and its underlying drivers. We then help you use co-design principles to create and apply a bespoke framework for change, typically at a behavioural and systems level in your organisation.

If you’re already underway, we’ll help you to evaluate and measure progress and adapt your approach to achieve optimal impact.

Our support remains available when required as you implement, assess and extend your DEIB programmes.

The content really interesting and practical to apply. A good blend of theory and exercises. I am thrilled to be accredited to deliver this training and feel ready to take the learning to my own organisation. Unconscious Bias Awareness: Train the Trainer – Asia

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