Case Study

Cultural Intelligence (CQ) Training

Client Profile

14 team members from Oceania Suntory (previously known as Frucor Suntory) research and development in Aotearoa. As the R&D hub they are a strong team of innovative thinkers with a diverse set of intersectional identities from across the globe.  

The Challenge

Collaboration and harnessing the power of divergent thinking is key when working in the innovation space. Our capability building session sought to enable the team with resources and skills to explore, understand and better connect across different cultural values. 

Our Approach

Our first step was to understand the needs and experiences of the team, from there we designed a tailored capability building experience which related directly to their unique context. We considered what would be most useful for the team to explore in this facilitated setting and the tools and resources that would support them as they head back into the workplace. We also knew that it was important to create a brave space for the team to be able to connect and grow together so this was embedded into our design. 

What We Delivered

Each team member was sent an individual CQ assessment to complete online, this provided them with details around their personal cultural values in the workplace.

We then ran a half-day session with the team. This began with exploring the concept of cultural intelligence and how it shows up in our everyday lives. We then explored CQ drive, knowledge, strategy and action through a series of engaging interactive activities. These activities were designed to ground the team in their lived experiences and provide opportunity to apply their learnings in real time with others in their team. 

What Our Client Had To Say

  • It was great to get insights about the team, where the differences and similarities lie and how we can work better together.
  • The best part was understanding how it impacts us as a team or our interactions with our direct reports / manger – some really insightful learnings.
  • For me was the learnings of my colleagues and gaining better understandings of how we can all impact one another.

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